Harissa Prawn (shrimp) and Chorizo

Prawn (Shrimp) and Chorizo

INGREDIENTS (makes 4 portions):

1/2 Chorizo Sausage
20 large prawns (XXL tiger prawns or equivalent) heads off, leave the tail ends
4 cloves garlic
1 lime
2 tea spoons harissa paste
pinch sea salt & pepper
dash of olive oil and inch/3cm square knob of butter for frying
Splash of white wine
1 cube of chicken or vegetable stock

Prep time: 20 min
Cooking time: 15 min
Total: 35 min


The starting point depends on how you purchased your prawns. If you have prawns tails (no heads) and vein removed, then just made an incision across the back of the prawn so it can butterfly whilst cooking. (see picture below) If not, then remove the heads and de-vein the prawns before butterflying.

Butterfly prawn
Butterfly prawn

Slice your chorizo thinly. (see picture below)

Sliced Chorizo
Sliced Chorizo

Mix the prawns with a dash of olive oil, the crushed garlic, harissa paste lime and sea salt & pepper.

Harissa Prawns
Harissa Prawns

Heat up a pan on medium fire and put in a dash of olive oil (just a little to start the chorizo fat melting). Put the sliced chorizo in the pan and as the fat begins to melt, turn down the heat to minimum. (You don’t want to burn the chorizo, just to melt the fat content.) Turn the chorizo rings over to melt the other side, and remove from pan, leaving the melted fat behind.

After all the chorizo has been removed and set aside in a bowl, turn up the heat a bit more, and drop in the knob of butter. Allow to melt and start bubbling. (see picture below)

Butter melting
Butter melting

Place 6-7 prawns at a time in the pan and fry for 1-2 mins each side over moderately high heat. The idea here is to maintain the heat in the pan so the prawns sear, but do not overcook and shed all their liquid. (We don’t want boiled prawns with lots of liquid, and we don’t want them overcooked.) Aim for an almost undercooked prawn at this stage.

Remove the 6-7 prawns and place them on top of the chorizo in the bowl. Repeat this operation until all the prawns are cooked.

Lower the heat under the pan, add a splash of white wine (this will create the sauce for the prawns, add more for more sauce, or less for less) and add the cube of stock broken up in your fingers. Mix with a fork until the stock has melted and mixed with the sauce, and the alcohol has evaporated. (3-4 mins)

Add back in all the prawns and chorizo and cook for another minute or so ensuring an even coating of sauce on all the prawns and chorizo.

Plate and (optional) garnish with some chopped parsley if you wish. Serve with fresh warm bread to dip in the sauce.

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